April ’18 Wine of the Month

Our Wine of the Month is the Frenchtown Red from L’Ecole Vinyards in Walla Walla, WA.  The wine is named after Frenchtown, the first settlement in the area, founded by French Canadians in the early 1800s.  It was these early settlers that established a thriving viticulture and wine making community.

L’Ecole’s first Winemaker, Jean Ferguson, was a WSU Home Economics graduate.  After the winery was established in 1983, she could often be found in the vineyard, negotiating for grapes, in the lab, running tests for sugars, or cleaning the inside of a stainless steel tank.  However, Jean also provided the basis for L’Ecole’s fervent support of many charitable organizations, which continues today.

As soon as you open  a bottle of Frenchtown, you are hit with the essence of ripe plums, followed by a slight spiciness. For a limited time only, Frenchtown is available at all Washington State Connections stores at 15% off.