Cougs in Seattle May, 2017

The Seattle WSU Connections store may be closed but no worries Cougs, WSU is not leaving Seattle!

What’s to come– plans are currently underway to create an interactive WSU presence in downtown Seattle. Check back soon as we’ll be keeping Cougs in-the-know on progress as plans continue to develop.

Action in Seattle– Home to more than 50 employees in WSU’s downtown Seattle offices, we continue to roll up our sleeves and work hard in serve the needs of our state and make our beloved alumni base proud. There is no denying our undeniable Cougar spirit of employees and alumni who bleed crimson and gray in the City of Seattle. Employees in the Seattle office serve the WSU Foundation (including several colleges), WSU Athletics, WSU Corporate Relations, WSU Research, WSU Office of Commercialization, and WSU External Affairs and Government Relations.

The WSU Initiative for Research and Education to Advance Community Health, is spearheaded out of Seattle and through this initiative, we conduct community-centered research, training, education, and outreach to improve the health and quality of life of American Indian and Alaska Native populations. It is a program affiliated with and working with researchers at the WSU Spokane Health Sciences Campus.

What is leaving– The WSU Connections store was located in leased space in the Rainier Tower mall, the L-shaped retail complex spanning three-quarters of a block between Union and University streets. This retail complex, associated with the Rainier Tower, will be removed and replaced, including the street level stores – which mean the WSU Connections store.

Although not space owned by WSU, the new building that will replace the previous location of the WSU Connections store will transform the Rainier Square block into one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers. Well known developers, Wright Runstad, will develop and manage the new 50-story tower that will house 750,000 square feet of offices. It will include at least 182 apartments, as well as 30,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. The developer also will develop and manage a 15-story luxury hotel with 198 rooms.

Keep tuning-in for more updates on WSU in Seattle!

Dave Walsh
WSU Connections
Director of Store Operations